Monday, January 02, 2012

'Would you like dinner in the missile room?'

China transforms huge Russian aircraft carrier into a luxury hotel

She was once the proud flagship of the Soviet and Russian navies, serving them well for almost twenty years.

As well as being able to hold more than a thousand crewmen, she could be loaded with dozens of missiles - some nuclear-tipped.

But, after being sold to a Chinese company, the Kiev is now leading a much more sedate life.

That's because the huge aircraft carrier has been transformed into a floating luxury hotel.

She is currently anchored in the Chinese port of Tianjin, where she will stay permanently docked.

Instead of being called upon to attack enemies, now reports that she is wanted for business retreats, intimate getaways and simple relaxation.

Unlike the harsh conditions which Soviet and Russian crewmen no doubt faced, life on-board the Kiev is now much different.

She was given a multi-million dollar refit by her Chinese owners which allows her guests to sit back and relax with Western style cuisine in highly decorated luxury suites.

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