Monday, January 02, 2012

Montreal 'security' professional brought gun on plane: Royal Canadian Mounted Police

A Montreal man who allegedly brought a nine-millimetre pistol on board a commercial airplane was arrested by Richmond Mounties.  

Barney Patrick Hynes appeared in Richmond provincial court on Thursday and is facing 10 criminal counts.

One involves the possession of an unloaded prohibited or restricted firearm: a Glock model 17C nine-millimetre model, "with readily accessible ammunition that is capable of being discharged in the firearm."

Richmond Mounties weren't able to provide further details on the case, but an Internet search indicates that a Barney Hynes from Montreal works as a "security and investigations professional." The website further indicates that Hynes was a combat engineer for National Defence Canada, which is consistent with independent information obtained by The Richmond Review that Hynes has a military background.

He worked as a combat engineer for 22 years and five months, and attended Dawson College, the website also says.

According to the court information obtained from Richmond provincial court, Hynes was arrested on Dec. 9 and faces a range of weapons charges including possessing the pistol without a proper licence, possessing a restricted weapon, possessing a prohibited device—a 17-round capacity magazine—and careless transportation of a firearm.

He's also charged with taking "an explosive substance" on board a civil aircraft without the consent of the owner or operator of the plane. What precisely this explosive substance was, is unclear.

Hynes is next scheduled to appear in Richmond provincial court on Jan. 19 to obtain counsel. He has been released from custody.

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