Friday, November 2, 2012

Taking flight after the storm: Pilot Garrett Dernoga and Cape Gazette photographer Ron MacArthur -- Sussex County Airport (KGED), Georgetown, Delaware

Pilot Garrett Dernoga returns with Cape Gazette photographer Ron MacArthur after a trip across Sussex County.

By Ron MacArthur | Nov 02, 2012

For someone who has a fear of flying in small planes, I've been in my fair share, including a glider and crop duster. My "fear" centers around motion sickness, which I get riding on hilly roads in a car.

But when pilot Garrett Dernoga called me the day after Sandy left the area to see if I wanted to go upstairs to take photographs, I jumped at the chance.

After popping a couple of Dramamine pills, we were off to take a look at Sussex County. The two areas I was really interested in were Primehook Beach and the Indian River Inlet bridge.

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California National Guard Airmen Support Hurricane Sandy Relief


Published on Nov 1, 2012 by The National Guard California 

National Guard Airmen from Travis Air Force Base prepare and load cargo to work hand-in-hand with government and civilian agencies to provide relief and aid for the eastern United States following Hurricane Sandy.  Produced by Air Force Staff Sgt. John Ayre. Includes interviews with Capt. Paul Hrad, 60th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron and Airman 1st Class Sarah Svedberg, 570th Global Mobility Squadron.