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Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee, N1782J: Incident occurred June 16, 2018 at Rentschler Field (EHT), East Hartford, Connecticut

EAST HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Officials said a plane took an emergency landing near Pratt and Whitney in East Hartford on Saturday.

Officials said the plane landed just after 1 p.m. on Saturday afternoon.

Two people were onboard during the incident, and officials said neither individual suffered any injuries.

East Hartford Police Lieutenant Litwin told Channel 3 that the operators said the engine lost power enroute to Massachusetts.

Lieutenant Litwin said the pilot took advantage of the runaway near Pratt and Whitney and came to a landing, and ultimately slid into the grass at the end of the runaway.

The East Hartford Fire Department is in charge of the scene and has notified the Federal Aviation Administration.

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EAST HARTFORD -- A small plane had to make an emergency landing near Pratt and Whitney Saturday.

East Hartford Lieutenant Litwin said that while the plane was traveling to its destination in Massachusetts, it suffered engine failure and had to land. The plane  had recently taken off from Hartford–Brainard Airport around 1 p.m.

The pilot of the plane landed it at an old runway near Pratt and Whitney, colliding with a security fence which caused minor damage to the windshield and propeller.

1 other person was on board along with the pilot when the plane crashed. Officials said that neither individual was injured.

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EAST HARTFORD — A small plane apparently had engine trouble shortly after taking off from Hartford-Brainard Airport Saturday and landed on a runway at Pratt & Whitney at about 1 p.m., according to the East Hartford Police Department and the Federal Aviation Administration.

It appears that no one was injured when the Piper PA-28 came down, according to the East Hartford Police Lt. Deborah Mormino. The plane “reportedly lost engine power,” a statement from the FAA said.

Mormino said the incident was more of an unplanned landing than a crash, although at first it was reported to police as a crash.

She said the plane took off from Brainard Airport in Hartford and then developed some kind of engine trouble and landed on the East Hartford airstrip, but then veered off the runway and struck a fence.

The Federal Aviation Administration will investigate and the National Transportation Safety Board will determine the probable cause for the accident, according to a statement from the Federal Aviation Administration.

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Dr. Renato LaRocca: Louisville doctor looking to help uncover mystery of Amelia Earhart

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)-- Her flight around the globe captivated the world, ending in a mystery that's stumped investigators for more than 80 years. What happened to Amelia Earhart?

"No one has been able to find any clear proof of what happened," said Dr. Renato LaRocca, who spends his days at the Norton Cancer Institute diagnosing and treating high-grade brain tumors. Now he's using his diagnostic skills to help solve the ultimate cliffhanger.

Last summer, Dr. LaRocca was part of a group of about 40 people lead by the the international group for historic aircraft recovery or TIGHAR. The group headed to Nikumaroro, an uninhabited island 1,500 miles north of Fiji. It's there, where they believe Earhart's voyage ended.

"Amelia Earhart did not perish in the ocean. She landed on an island about 300 miles south of the island she was supposed to land on," said Dr. LaRocca.

For five days, the team made up of researchers and climatologists scoured the island for clues. Some searched for bone fragments, a part of their theory based on a skeleton found on the island just a few years after Earhart vanished.

"A British solider lands there. He writes could this be Amelia Earhart? The bones get sent back to Fiji," said Dr. LaRocca. "Those bones get lost but that was one of the big stories."

Trained scuba divers checked the coral reef for aircraft debris after a large metal piece was spotted during a former expedition.

"It looks strikingly like an upside down landing gear sticking out of the water," he said.

LaRocca's small group headed to the part of the island where they believe Earhart may have landed.

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Accident occurred June 17, 2018 in Orondo, Douglas County, Washington

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Washington - Fire crews from Orondo and Chelan, along with Douglas County Sheriff's deputies responded to a helicopter crash in the area of Cascade Foothills in Orondo, about four miles south of Beebe Bridge.

When crews arrived they found a helicopter in the orchard sitting upright. The helicopter had heavy damage to the tail section and burn damage through the shell of the aircraft from impact with the high-tension electrical power lines.

The pilot told investigators she struck the high voltage power lines causing damage to the helicopter and bringing it to the ground. The high-tension power lines were broken and down on the ground.

Firefighters say the helicopter was in the area controlling moisture on cherry trees to prevent cherry damage from overnight rains. Cherries absorb moisture then split when exposed to warming sunlight.

There were no injuries, but there was damage to the orchard, power lines, and the helicopter. The crash caused a widespread power outage as well.

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