Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Accident occurred August 24, 2016 in the Ashland Reservoir, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

A helicopter made a crash landing into the water at the Ashland Reservoir on Wednesday afternoon, according to Massachusetts State Police.

The crash was reported around 4:30 p.m. in an area off Spring Street.

The 48-year-old pilot of the single-engine ultralight told police he had taken off from Marlborough Airport and lost power as he was flying over the reservoir, causing him to make the crash landing.

After the helicopter went down, the aircraft started to sink, but the pilot was able to get out safely. He was helped to shore by some area boaters.

The pilot was not hurt.

Police said the aircraft was carrying fewer than 5 gallons of fuel and does not pose a risk to the environment.

Ashland Police are investigating the crash but because the aircraft is an ultralight, authorities said it's unclear if the Federal Aviation Administration will be conducting their own investigation.


The Ashland Fire Department tells FOX25 it is unclear if the aircraft involved is a helicopter or an ultralight.

State police say the pilot of the aircraft is safely onshore.

SkyFox was over the scene, live video of the search was streamed on the FOX25 Facebook page.

Story and video:

ASHLAND, Mass. —An ultralight helicopter crashed into the Ashland Reservoir Wednesday afternoon, authorities said.

The crash was reported around 4:50 p.m. It became completely submerged in the water. 

The pilot, David Diana, was able to get out of his seatbelt and swim to the shore, according to the Ashland Fire Department.

Members of the fire department are trying to manage the oil from the aircraft.

Diana told reporters he was not hurt. 

Sky5 saw emergency responders were gathered near the edge of the reservoir. 

Officials said the goal is to remove the helicopter by nightfall. 

Sources said at least one person is out of the aircraft, but it's unknown if anyone else was inside at the time of the crash.