Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tunisian Syphax Airlines Launches Flights

The Tunisian private airline, Syphax Airlines, launched today in Sfax -Tunisia’s second largest city. The new passenger airline company will publicly celebrate the event in front of the municipality of Sfax.

The Facebook page of Syphax Airlines described the event as, “Unique and unprecedented. It [the launching] will mark, as we hope, a historical turning point in our town.”

Afif Kchok, director and editor-in-chief of Tourism Info - a bimonthly magazine that covers the tourism sector – noted the potential of the Syphax to invigorate the airline industry in Tunisia. “It is an excellent initiative that will boost the national market,” stated Kchok.

In January, Syphax Airlines signed a leasing contract for two Airbus A319 aircrafts, amounting to $55 million. The two Airbus planes were named Karama (Dignity) and Horria (Freedom), monikers inspired by the Tunisian Revolution.

According to TAP, Syphax Airlines’s capital is valued at 10 million Tunisian dinars, and will create 150 new jobs – 80% of which will be reserved for university graduates.

Based at the Sfax-Thyna International Airport, Syphax airlines will provide weekly and daily services to several destinations in Europe and the Arab World, including Casablanca, Paris, Lyon, Nice, and Marseilles.

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