Saturday, April 14, 2012

'Boris Island' airport is in 'very worst spot' under London flight paths says UK air traffic boss (who wasn't even asked by architects)

 A proposed airport in the Thames estuary would be in the 'very worst spot' for the south-east's crowded airspace, according to the boss of Britain's air traffic control service.

Richard Deakin, chief executive of the National Air Traffic Services (Nats), said there were 'serious challenges' in working more planes into an already busy flight path.

He added that the architects who unveiled plans for the £50bn project last November had not even asked air traffic control about the feasibility of the airport.

The stinging attack on plans for the 'floating' airport from Britain's most senior air traffic chief will add to growing calls it to be scrapped.
Deakin said that the Thames estuary airport - dubbed the 'Boris Island' after London Mayor Boris Johnson - would be built under flight paths for four of London's five airports. These include Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead, Luton and London City.

'We're a little surprised that none of the architects thought it worthwhile to have a little chat,' Mr Deakin told the Guardian.

The plans by architects Foster and Partners were revealed in January and would make the airport the biggest in Britain.

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