Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An incident with a student pilot at the Langley Regional Airport prompts an emergency response but the pilot is okay. British Columbia, Canada.

A student had a hard landing this afternoon at the Langley Regional Airport.

It’s too early to say whether a student pilot will pass his course after a hard landing just after 3:30 p.m. today at the Langley Regional Airport but he was able to walk away from a disabled and damaged plane.

Airport manager George Miller explained that a student with the Langley Flight School was flying solo when it happened.

“It was a student and he was doing touch and goes on the runway,” he said. “And he had some difficulty.”

The student went off the runway and over a small ditch which resulted in the front wheel of the aircraft breaking off and some other damage to the Cherokee 180.

“He didn’t seem to be injured, just shook up,” Miller said.

Airport staff responded immediately and the student was outside the aircraft when emergency crews arrived.

“He was sitting on the ground, waiting for the ambulance and it wasn’t a couple of minutes it was here,” Miller said.

The Transportation Safety Board is involved in minor incidents such as this but won’t likely be on site. The national agency that investigates transportation mishaps gave the airport permission to move the aircraft and it was towed to a hangar to be examined. Nothing is known yet about the cause and it’s too early to say the how much the damage will cost.

Two Township fire department vehicles, the RCMP and BC Ambulance responded. The student pilot was taken to the hospital to be checked over just to be safe, Miller said.


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