Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fatal Vehicle Accident Kills 2: One was just shy of getting his commercial pilot's license. DUI Driver Said To Have Taken Nitrous Oxide Just Before Fatal Accident.

SACRAMENTO—  The toxicology report isn't yet finished for the accident yet that killed two and injured a third Saturday on Folsom Boulevard. It will show for certain if Michael Sharp was high at the time of collision, and what he was high on.

But the prosecutor Tuesday said Sharp had already confessed that he was driving under the influence- under the influence of nitrous oxide.

Todd Ohlander and Chris Martell were brothers. One was a budding engineer, the other just shy of getting his commercial pilot's license.

Both had befriended David Weidman.

"There were more like my brothers. I knew them since I was five and I didn't want to believe it... it's like a nightmare," Weidman said.

The nightmare? A head-on collision on Folsom Boulevard Saturday that killed both men.

"This family has now lost two children. The only two children in their lives," said the prosecuting attorney Tuesday.

She was arguing that 21-year-old Michael Sharp's bail ought to stay at 2 million dollars. She says that not only was Sharp high on nitrous oxide when the collision happened, but he'd just taken a hit of the stuff.

“On Folsom Boulevard, he's traveling southbound approximately 50 miles per hour, and he decides that's a good time to open up a canister and inhale one of those canisters," she said.

Sharp was reportedly on his lunch break from a store at the Folsom outlets at the time. Police say he'd gone to party during his break.

Martell and Ohlander were on their way home when police say Sharp's car jumped the median and rammed them head-on.

“I don’t want to lose them because I loved them," said Weidman.

Until now, Sharp has never been in trouble with the law, but the prosecutor said he's admitted that he's been using nitrous for at least three years.


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