Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mandala Airlines May Lose License

The Transportation Ministry has set a deadline until Feb. 15 for PT Mandala Airlines to proceed with the company’s operations. If Mandala fails to meet the given schedule, the government has threatened to revoke the airline’s operations permit. “We’ll give a chance until Feb. 15. If [Mandala Airlines] fails to deal with this, the air operator's certificate [AOC] will be revoked,” said Diding S. Sunardi, Director of Airworthiness and Aircraft Operations, on Tuesday.

Mandala is still processing its AOC—currently entering the stage of document evaluation and administration procedures. According to Diding, the Transport Ministry will issue the AOC, but Mandala is instructed to meet the deadline given by the government.

At the end of last year, the Transport Ministry has given Mandala Airline's leniency to extend the airline’s aviation business license for four months. The leniency was granted because the management was still processing the AOC--Mandala’s license will, in fact, expire on Jan. 13.


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