Monday, July 07, 2014

Illinois State Police to use aerial speed zone on I-74 bridge

Illinois State Police will begin monitoring traffic speed on the I-74 bridge from the sky.   Tuesday, IDOT crews will begin installing white strips on both sides of the I-74 bridge.

This is how it works; white strips are placed on the road. Police fly above the marked zone in an aircraft, usually a helicopter. Using a stopwatch and a number chart, police time how fast it takes a driver to pass from one line to the next. Using a simple equation, police can calculate the driver’s speed.

“On the bridges, you can’t really have any squad cars sitting up there safely during daylight hours,” said Jason Wilson, a State Trooper with the Illinois State Police. Obviously, we all know there is a problem on the I-74 bridge with people obeying the 50 mph speed limit.”

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