Monday, July 07, 2014

Pilot's actions heroic - hunter: Schweizer 269C 300C, ZK-HON, Cloudy Bay Helicopters

A heroic Blenheim pilot injured in the Ward helicopter accident made a split second decision to steer the chopper into the side of a hill to save two lives instead of one, according to man who was among the first on the scene.

Pilot Grant McCallum was a hero, says Tim Smit, one of the hunters who had been out on a heli-hunt when the accident happened on Sunday morning.    McCallum and passenger Sam Kersten were injured when the white Hughes 300 helicopter McCallum was piloting crashed into a gully on a farm at Grassmere, near Ward just before 9am.

The helicopter carrying the two Blenheim men crashed on Bonavaree Farm owned by Doug Avery.   McCallum, in his mid-40s, is the owner of Cloudy Bay Helicopters and a father-of-one who lives at Riverlands. 

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