Friday, June 27, 2014

Search underway after report of possible plane crash: 911 callers - Plane flying toward Stephens, Georgia

OCONEE COUNTY, South Carolina —Searchers looked for a plane crash overnight after calls to 911, according to emergency officials.

Authorities with Oconee County Emergency Services said a caller from the Westminster area reported the crash.

Firefighters were called to the area around Jenkins Bridge Road, but they were unable to find the crash site.

Officials said other residents reported seeing a low-flying plane, and two people said it continued on its flight path toward Stephens, Georgia.

The Anderson County Sheriff's Office joined the search effort by helicopter, and air fields in Oconee County and the nearby area were alerted to watch for the plane.

Officials said the search effort has been scaled back, but they said work will continue to determine what happened to the plane.

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