Friday, June 27, 2014

No Confirmation of Downed Plane

A search was put into motion last night at 10:40pm, after the Oconee County 911 Center received a call from a homeowner in the Westminster area reporting a possible airplane crash.

Oconee County Emergency Services Fire Chief Charlie King reports that fire and EMS units were dispatched to the area to attempt to locate the crash site.

While searching the area, several other residents reported seeing the same low flying plane.

They stated the plane continued on its flight path into the Stephens, Ga. area.

Responding agencies have searched the area by ground and have been unable to locate any evidence of a crash.

Anderson Sheriffs’ Office is assisting with a helicopter equipped with a Forward Looking Infrared Camera to cover the area.

The FLIR has the ability to see heat patterns on the ground that makes it very effective at night.

Airfields in Oconee County and surrounding counties have been notified to be on the lookout for the aircraft.

Chief King said, “While the response effort has been scaled back, Oconee County will continue to work with the FAA and the Civil Air Patrol to determine any further information.

At this time we are unable to confirm that there has been a crash or simply a low flying aircraft in the area.”

Agencies operating on the incident were Oconee County Emergency Services, Westminster Fire Department, Oconee County EMS, Oconee County Sheriffs’ Office and the Anderson County Sheriffs’ Office.

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