Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Loganair plane from Aberdeen lands in Kirkwall after ice problems

Ice causes engine problems for island-bound plane

A plane bound for Orkney suffered engine problems caused by ice.

Firefighters were sent to meet the Loganair plane as it landed at Kirkwall Airport on Tuesday morning.

The aircraft had 33 passengers and crew on board when the pilot reported engine problems.

A Highlands & Islands Airports spokesman said: "It was a flight from Aberdeen to Kirkwall.

"Ten minutes from landing at Kirkwall, the captain reported a problem with the engine. The aircraft landed safely at 10am.

"The aircraft fire service were on-site as a precaution. That's standard procedure in any kind of situation like that."

A Loganair spokesman said: "This morning’s BE6832 Aberdeen-Kirkwall service experienced some icing en-route to Kirkwall, which caused a standard cockpit warning to be activated while the ice was cleared from the engine intakes.

"This was advised to Kirkwall air traffic control so the aircraft could take a priority landing. As a precaution, Kirkwall Airport elected to have the airport fire service awaiting on arrival.

"The aircraft landed safely at 10am with 30 passengers and three crew on-board.

"Loganair engineers at Kirkwall Airport will now check all parts of the engine to ensure any ice is removed or has melted before the aircraft operates again."

The emergency services were called to Kirkwall Airport after an inbound plane reported engine problems because of ice. The Saab 340 aircraft, operated by Loganair, was en-route from Aberdeen with 33 passengers and crew on board.  During the flight a cockpit warning signal was activated and the crew requested a priority landing.  The aircraft landed safely at about 10:00. Loganair said engineers would check the plane.

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