Wednesday, April 04, 2012

FAA final recommendation released for Kalispell airport

KALISPELL- The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released their final recommendation for the Kalispell City Airport but it's ultimately up to city council to decide what will become of it.

Stelling Engineers of Kalispell sent their study off to the FAA and in turn gave a recommendation to upgrade the current airport. That would include moving the runway south 1,000 feet to add 500 feet to the runway.

City Attorney/Interim Manager Charlie Harball says city council could go a totally different route than what the recommendation says.

"Council has some other directions they could go. They could decide we'll just leave it, we won't do anything to the airport or we will shut the airport down, we'll move the airport. There's a number of different choices."

On Monday city council will review the report but there will be no time for public comment.

A public comment hearing will be May 7th.

Council should make their decision on the airport May 21st.

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