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Beechcraft V35B Bonanza, N18493: Accident occurred January 30, 2019 at Modesto City-County Airport (KMOD), Stanislaus County, California

Doncam Consulting LLC

MODESTO (CBS13) – A small unmanned plane crashed at Modesto Airport Wednesday afternoon.

A pair of pilots were reportedly working on the electrical system of a Beechcraft V35B Bonanza, manipulating the propeller, but said it wouldn’t start. When the pilots walked away, the propeller suddenly engaged on its own and taxied away, hitting a car and a fence.

The pilots told police the plane took off at speeds around 40 miles per hour. The plane was moving toward the busy Mitchell Road after it clipped the parked car.

“If it was to get over that [grass] and get onto Mitchell, we would really have had a problem on our hands trying to stop that plane with nobody inside it,” said Sgt. Mark Phillips with the Modesto Police Department.

Phillips said it was a good thing the plane hit the vehicle because it changed direction, diverting the plane from a hanger that was occupied at the time of the incident. Two structures were damaged by the plane, but no one was hurt in the crash.

The building belongs to DC Air, which is owned by Dan Costa of 5-11 Tactical. He was apparently inside at the time of the crash along with numerous other people.

The plane is registered to Doncam Consulting, LLC in Modesto, according to the FAA database. The FAA went to the scene to investigate the crash and wrapped up their investigation Wednesday afternoon. There is no official word on what caused the plane to take off.

The plane suffered extensive damage in the incident.

Heavy machinery was on its way to the airport to lift the damaged plane out.

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Emergency responders are at the scene of a plane crash at the Modesto Airport. The plane, which was being prepped for a flight, was not airborne when it crashed, authorities said.

“At approximately 2:15 p.m. this afternoon, Modesto and Stanislaus Consolidated fire departments were dispatched to a report of a possible plane down here at Modesto City-County Airport, Modesto Fire Department Division Chief Mike Lillie said at the scene.

Nobody was inside the plane when it started rolling away in a southerly direction, Lillie said.

The small propeller plane rolled on the airport grounds until it hit a fence in the area of South Riverside Drive and Mitchell Road.

A small fuel leak was quickly contained.

Lillie said firefighters are working with Modesto Police to secure the scene and the airport.

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  1. Zombie plane starts and tries to take off!. At first I thought it was a drone expirement. Good no one hurt.

  2. yeah, from the you can't make this stuff up department!