Saturday, March 03, 2018

Finley, Benton County, Washington: Officials look for person who shined a laser light at passenger plane

FINLEY, Wash. -- Aiming a laser pointer at a flying plane can put pilots and passengers in danger.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office said they're looking for the person who shined a laser light at a passenger plane Friday night as it was descending to land at the Pasco airport.

The pilots reported to Seattle Air Traffic Control that the light went into one of the cockpit windows where they were sitting.

They said the light came from the area between Nine Canyon Rd, SR 397, Terril Rd, Fremont Rd, and 1924 PR SE in the Finley area.

Officials said aiming a laser at a plane can distract the pilot, cause a glare, temporary blindness, and can damage a pilot's eyes.

Police said it is an arrestable offense.

Benton County Sheriff’s Office said if you have any information on who might be involved, please call 628-0333, case #18-03003.

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