Saturday, March 03, 2018

Peach to start training its pilots in-house

Peach Aviation Limited has announced that it will begin training to its own pilots. To date, Peach has been hiring pilots who have graduated from aviation universities or taken pilot courses at private universities and obtained the necessary licenses to fly as pilots at airlines, providing in-house training as copilots. This will be the first time for the company to train pilots from their initial step to obtain their licenses.

With expansions of LCCs and other such factors, aviation demand in Asia is rapidly increasing, and a shortage of pilots is becoming a major issue. To post further growth as a bridge between Japan and Asia and to contribute to expansions in aviation demand, Peach believes that it is important to nurture pilots under its own scheme and has decided to take these steps at this time.

Peach will make a call for the first pilots to be trained in-house on its company website and through other such methods around the summer of 2018 and is planning to have them join the company as trainee pilots by the end of FY 2019.

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