Friday, December 22, 2017

Laser pointed at aircraft, launches federal investigation in Juneau, Alaska

JUNEAU, Alaska (KTUU) - Airport authorities launch a federal investigation, after a high power laser was pointed into the cockpit of an aircraft approaching the Juneau International Airport earlier this week.

According to Title 18 of the United States Code, aiming a laser pointer at an aircraft is a federal offense. In an information release, the City and Borough of Juneau calls the act a "major safety violation."

Juneau International Airport's manager, Patty Wahto, wants the public to understand the danger in this.

"Never point a laser at an aircraft," Wahto said. "You can blind a pilot and endanger everyone's life in the aircraft."

She added that the laser was shined by a person, and not a laser Christmas lights show.

If a person is found guilty doing this, the law states they could face fines or imprisonment. As far as the investigation goes, at least the Federal Aviation Administration is involved.

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