Sunday, November 05, 2017

Opinion: ICON A5

ICON A5 production in its Vacaville plant has risen. So have costs and price. CEO Kirk Hawkins recently sent out an update. “The (A5) is significantly better than first envisioned,” Kirk said, but it’s also significantly more costly to build. Early-day estimate was in the $200,000 range. The 2018 base price is $269,000. Fully loaded, $389,000. And worth it. An A5 must be as much fun as a box of birds. 

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  1. My schadenfreude Sunday treat ;)

  2. Why? I don't get it, why does everybody hate the ICON?

  3. Because it first came to public attention about the same time as the iphone. It was supposed to revitalize general aviation. And the iphone and ipad have. The A5 has not. It’s been 10 years now and how many planes? You can’t have the hottest thing in aviation for the last 10 years and virtually no planes. And it originally was supposed to cost $100K. Now it’s over $350K. Maybe I can explane it with a little space. “ICON” vs “I CON”. See I can’t understand why after 10 years of undelivered promises that anyone likes the A5.