Wednesday, August 16, 2017

State Senator renews push to remove McCarran's name from Las Vegas airport

Sen. Patrick McCarran in Washington in 1949.

LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) — The State Senator who introduced a bill in March of 2017 to change the name of McCarran International Airport says that in light of the recent violence in Charlottesville it's time to revisit the issue.

State Senator Tick Segerblom pushed for the name to be changed, but the bill didn't pass.

"This city is now majority minority city, we are very proud of our ethnic background. People come here from all over the world, and to think that they come into an airport that is named after somebody who is openly racist and Anti-Semitic is wrong” said Segerblom.

Former Nevada Senator Patrick McCarran is in the history books as one of the most powerful senators in Washington. He was elected four times serving from 1933 until 1954. McCarran had a major influence on aviation and safety regulations of aircraft. As a result of his achievements, the airport was named after him in 1941. But history also shows that McCarran left a legacy of racism and Anti-Semitism. historic accounts reveal he led Anti-Communist crusades and also pushed for severe Anti-Immigration laws.

"I think it's really relevant right now to look at things like the statue in Charlottesville and McCarran airport and see if we can show the world that we are moving forward.” said Segerblom

United States Senator Dean Heller expressed concerns about the McCarran namesake but stopped short of calling for a change

"I’m going to leave that up to the airport and let them decide if it's necessary to make any changes,” said Heller.

Some of those who are against the name changing argue that it would cost the state too much money, but Senator Segerbloom says the funds would come from private donors and not cost taxpayers. 

No word though on when another official push for a name change could come.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, they should rename the airport Martin Luther King cause he was a peaceful whorehopper.

Anonymous said...

I'm not American but this is cultural vandalism similar to ISIS. The USA must preserve its monuments rather than destroying them.

Anonymous said...

In seventy years the country has gone from all blacks are inferior to all blacks are superior.
Political correctness is the sure way to enslaving us all, sinking the USA down to the same level as all the rotten governments around the globe. Thugs violently attacking a peaceful rally authorized by the city of Charlotteville are deemed "counter-protesters."
We'll trash all the men who put honor and duty above self, and build statues of Jesse Jackson, Malcolm X and other PC luminaries, all black.
They will give my dog a place to leave its scent.
Washington is next. Maybe we can rename DC Boogerville.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like ISIS destroying ancient buildings and artifacts because they hate them. What's next, grave sites. There are 20,000 Confederate soldiers buried in Arlington National Cemetery.... Do the liberals plan to dig them all up and have Waste Management remove the bodies or just remove the headstones?

Anonymous said...

This looks pretty close to Taliban and ISIS behavior.

Anonymous said...

Statutes pulled down in the dead of night. The Taliban blowing up statues of the Buddha in Afghanistan and ISIS razing the ancient city of Palmyra have nothing on these destructive, ignorant cowards. Shame, shame.