Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A nightmare at the Laredo International Airport (KLRD)

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - A bad experience at the airport is prompting a local woman to question the Laredo Airport’s services.

The woman says she has had bad flying experiences with Allegiant Air in the past, but the most recent one occurred this past Sunday.

The traveler says she was scheduled to fly out from Laredo to Orlando, but due to mechanical issues the flight was delayed.

The woman says she was notified by text that it would be a short delay and would take about 30 minutes. The wait turned into an eight hour delay and ended with the woman having to cancel her trip completely.

The customer got her money back but lost her money for her return flight since it was booked through another company.

The traveler says it’s time for the city to step in. The City of Laredo acting airport manager says if a bad experience happens to report to the airline and to the airport.

As for bringing in additional airlines, the airport manager says the city of Laredo has a consultant that has been working on it and they are bringing an airline with routes to Mexico but cannot disclose any more information.

As for the unhappy passenger, she believes if the city would include more airlines, it would create a competitive market, forcing airlines to provide better service.

We have reached out to Allegiant Airlines for comments but we have not received and answer back.

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