Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Incident occurred August 15, 2017 at Denver International Airport (KDEN), Colorado

DENVER -- A passenger van and fuel truck collided late Tuesday night at Denver International Airport, injuring 11 people, the Denver Police Department said.

Five of the people involved in the crash are in serious condition.

The incident happened about 10 p.m. at the UPS cargo facility south the of the terminal in a secure location.

The UPS van transports workers at the airport. Officials said 10 of the 11 people who were injured are UPS employees.

The crash did not affect passenger planes and the airport is operating under normal conditions, officials said.

The driver of the tanker will be cited for careless driving, police said.

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  1. Half of America is currently insane. It happens often. Hang in there. The sides will switch in time.

  2. Trump is right. What's next, tear down the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial?