Saturday, July 15, 2017

American General AA5A, N26670: Aircraft suffered hail damage while parked outside

AIRCRAFT: 1978 American General AA5A   SN# AA5A0628    N26670

ENGINE:   Lycoming O-320-E2G   SN# L-4807B-27A  

PROPELLER:    McCauley 1C17287M7359

APPROXIMATE TOTAL HOURS (estimated TT & TSMO from logbooks or other information):

ENGINE:  2512.7 TTSN    757.5 SMOH            

PROPELLER:   2512.7 TTSN 38.1 SMOH    

AIRFRAME:   2512.7 TTSN                        

OTHER EQUIPMENT:  Two Narco Com 810’s, Narco Nav 825 with ID-825, Narco Nav-121, Narco AT-150, King KR-86, Apollo GX-55, PM-1000 intercom, STEC-50     

DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT: Aircraft suffered hail damage while parked outside on 5/3/2017

DESCRIPTION OF DAMAGES: Hail dents to all upper surfaces including fuselage.                

LOCATION OF AIRCRAFT:  Flying T Repair Station – Anna, TX    (41TS)          

REMARKS: Adjuster has logs, records and keys.  Last annual done 6/7/2017.  Recent flight found autopilot and flaps inoperative with electrical issues.

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