Saturday, July 15, 2017

Federal Aviation Administration Approves Change in Centralia Municipal Airport (KENL) Flight Pattern: Most Air Traffic Will Now Approach or Leave to the East Away from the City

(Centralia) - The Federal Aviation Administration has given their final approval to change the traffic pattern for most planes using the Centralia Municipal Airport.

Centralia Economic Development Director Kala Lambert says beginning August 1st planes utilizing runways 9 and 36 will fly a right-hand traffic pattern that will direct planes to arrive and leave the airport from the east or away from the city.

Work to make the change from a left-hand traffic pattern that had the planes come over the city began in early 2016 after some residents on the east side of Centralia complained about the number of low flying planes over their homes. The complaints came at a time use of the airport was increasing as a result of Airgo training a large number of Chinese pilots for a Chinese airline.

The proposed Notice of Federal Airspace Determination received no objections and it created no conflict with DHS radar or airport obstruction screening.

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