Sunday, April 30, 2017

Airbus A320-214, Frontier Airlines, N223FR: Incident occurred April 29, 2017 at O'Hare International Airport (KORD), Chicago, Illinois

CHICAGO (WLS) --  No one was injured after a Frontier Airlines, Airbus A320-214, tilted nose-up while at a gate at O'Hare Airport Saturday.

The Frontier plane arrived at O'Hare shortly before 7 p.m. and came to a stop at a gate. 

As passengers exited, the nose of the plane tilted up.

A witness said that too much weight at the back of the plane caused the plane to tilt.

The Chicago Fire Department responded to the incident. 

No one was injured.

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  1. It tilted due to filling the center tank of fuel before the wing tanks. The center tank is located towards the rear of the airplane and when fuel is added there before the center tanks, it causes the airplane to tilt backwards. It has nothing to do with the passengers in this case.