Sunday, April 30, 2017

Beverly Regional Airport (KBVY) tries again for restaurant

BEVERLY — Officials are trying once again to secure a restaurant at the Beverly Regional Airport, this time adding the option  to serve alcohol in an attempt to lure investors.

The airport's commission has issued a new request for proposals that gives developers and restaurateurs until May 31 to submit a plan for an eatery on the site.

The commission has been refining the request for bids since last February, when a past bidding period closed without anyone submitting plans. Officials expect the outcome to be different this time.

"We've got several interested parties," said August Faulstich, the commission's vice chairman.

The proposed restaurant space, located as a portion of the airport's Building 45, housed Something Different Cafe until it closed a few years ago. The city has improved the building since the last time it asked for restaurant bids, adding insulation, siding and new bathrooms, according to Bob Snuck, airport manager.

Restaurateurs also will have the option to apply for a liquor license from the city.

"That's a big uptick," Faulstich said.

The restaurant, proposed to seat 50 to 100, would be open for breakfast and lunch, and maybe dinner. An outdoor dining area is also a possibility.

Having a restaurant at the airport is key, both Faulstich and Snuck said, not only for pilots but for those who just want to visit.

Pilots have so many flying hours they must complete per quarter to maintain their license, Faulstich said. For some, completing those last few hours may mean doing a short flight between airports. They may stop for lunch and then fly home.

"They need a destination," he said, in comparison to having a place to just walk around.

Attracting visitors to the airport gives it exposure, Snuck said, and the revenue helps to pay for activities there.

Faulstich said it also helps propel the airport forward, noting that he feels as though it's "up and coming."

Having a restaurant, he said, is "an important step."

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