Friday, December 18, 2015

Influx of passengers at Monterey Regional Airport (KMRY), Monterey County, California

MONTEREY, Calif. -

"It actually is more for safety than it is for anything else," said Monterey Regional Airport Executive Director Mike LaPier.

The runway safety project, which was mandated by the FAA, is complete. Now airport officials prepare for an influx of passengers for the holiday season and those traveling to the Super Bowl.

"Well it's a convenient airport first of all. It's not too busy, getting in and out, getting the proper services. They're all right here and it's very easy. It's pretty simple to navigate through so we think that's an advantage,” said Mike LaPier.

And while it's still uncertain how many people book commercial flights into Monterey for the big game February 7th, Executive Director Michael LaPier said there will undoubtedly be more traffic than usual. 

"We know that we are going to see a number of large corporate jets and private jets and aircrafts that will be here that will take advantage of the Monterey area and all it has to offer," said Mike LaPier.

The 80 mile drive to Levis Stadium for Super Bowl 50 doesn't hurt either.

"If you fly into Monterey you're staying out of all the congestion in the bay area and you have a nice drive in and out," said Monterey Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Jody Hansen.

With less than two months till the big game the chamber of commerce will begin putting up banners encouraging people to fly and stay in Monterey.

"Oh it's going to be busy. I think with the excitement about the Super bowl 50 a lot of people will be looking for places to stay you know nearby then extend their stays. And that's what we're hoping to encourage," said Hansen.

"The week after is also the AT&T pebble beach classic so we think there's going to be a heavy amount of traffic here for that period of time," said LaPier.


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