Friday, December 18, 2015

Okmulgee Regional Airport (KOKM) now patterned after Jones Riverside Airport (KRVS)

Jeff Hough -Tulsa’s Deputy Airports Director

City Council voted to approve the reduction in the Williams Electric, LLC who agrees to a net decrease in their contract of $3,570.00 for work done at the Okmulgee Regional Airport. City Clerk, Ronnia Andrews, informed the Council that the project is finished.

Additionally they approved an Amendment to an agreement with CEC Infrastructure Solutions to construct some drainage improvements.

The Council voted to approve the appointment of Terry Bemis to replace Mr. Jack Harlan on the Airport Advisory Board.

Jeff Hough, who is, Tulsa’s Deputy Airports Director spoke to the Council and gave an update on the progress at Okmulgee Regional Airport which is now under the umbrella of the Tulsa Airports. It paves the way to an identical operation as the Jones Riverside Airport near Jenks, which they are attempting to model it after.

The City has an agreement with the Tulsa International Trust who has been operating the airport since July 1, 2015. They are working on drafting documents to lease out the property. They want to lease land for private hangar development as well as Commercial Development. Hough announced that he will be retiring in August and he is trying to build the framework before he leaves.

Jeff Moulder, who will take on Hough’s duties, will still be staying and getting more engaged in the workings of the airport.

Mr. Hough told the council that he had attended several meetings in the city, including the Lions Club and would be happy to talk to more organizations. City Manager Roger Ballenger thanked Mr. Hough for making the information available to the public about the future plans of the Okmulgee Regional Airport.

“This is the most exciting thing for Okmulgee in 30 years,” Ballenger jokingly said, “Jeff Hough is Time Magazines Man of the Year for Okmulgee.”


Jeff Moulder (seated right)

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