Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Airport ups security after gun stolen from valet parking

CHARLOTTE, N.C. —  Charlotte’s airport will be accelerating security upgrades to its business valet parking deck after two thefts were reported in one week.

A customer reported on Monday that a pistol was stolen from his car while it was parked in the deck for two weeks. Police do not have a suspect in the case.

It comes a week after another customer reported his car stolen from the same deck off Wilkinson Boulevard. That case is also under investigation.

“We are taking steps hopefully to continue to improve our controls,” said airport Director Brent Cagle on Tuesday.

Cagle said he has confidence in AmeriPark, the company that took over the valet business five months ago after the previous company had similar problems on a much bigger scale.

But Cagle said they will be moving faster to install new cameras in the parking deck after the recent crimes.

“We'll be adding cameras throughout the deck, at the entrances at the exits. In the customer areas, we'll be adding additional cameras,” Cagle said.

He said they are also moving ahead with plans to put stop arms at the entrances and exits of the valet deck and that they will be starting a tip-line, like Crimestoppers, where anyone can call to report crime or suspicious activity anonymously.

The manager at AmeriPark said Tuesday he could not comment on the investigations but business continues to be brisk at the valet deck and customers did not seem to be phased by the recent reports.

“No, I haven't had any problems ever,” said Bill Polyi who said he uses the valet service regularly.

He was not the only customer who wondered if the man who lost the gun should have been more careful.

“I don't know that a guy should leave his gun in the car in any kind of valet situation. I mean it's just asking for trouble,” said Bill Burton on his way to the deck.

Cagle said it underscores another message he wants to get out to customers not to leave valuables in their cars where they invite trouble.

- Source:  http://www.wsoctv.com

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