Saturday, June 07, 2014

Darío Barrio Dead: Famous Chef Dies While BASE Jumping in Sierra Segura, Spain

Darío Barrio

Darío Barrio, the famous chef, has died after a BASE jumping accident in the Sierra Segura mountain range in the Jaén Province in Spain. 

The accident on Friday happened during the International Air Festival around 9 p.m. local time.

The specific cause of death is not yet known, reported RTVE. But other media outlets, such as 20minutos, said that Barrio died when his parachute didn’t open and he fell hard to the ground.

The festival has suspended all activities this evening but will still have activities on Sunday. The organization said that it “deeply regretted” what happened in a statement, noting that Barrio was an experienced sky diver, and extended its condolences to the family.

Condolences from scores of people have poured in after news of the death hit the Internet.

Comedian Goyo Jiménez said he was “in shock” after hearing the news and Miki Nadal described Barrio as “brave, funny, hardworking, generous, and a fighter.”

Paco Roncero of La Terraza del Casino said via Twitter that he was “coping with the loss of a great friend yet recalling many moments I’ll never forget.”

José Andrés , the Spanish chef based in the United States, said that we have sent “a huge friend to sleep in peace,” and that “the sky will eat much better.”

Restaurant workers at Dassa Bassa, the restaurant that Barrio owned, heard the news during the evening meal but all of them have declined to comment, reported EFE. They are waiting until Saturday morning to comment publicly.

Carmen Lomana collapsed upon hearing about the death after hearing of it from Jorge Javier on television.

Barrio had begun cooking at the age of 14, and studied in different parts of Spain as well as interning and working at different restaurants.

He also spent time in other European countries as well as the United States.

He became better known to the public after appearing on the television program ”Todos contra el Chef.”

Barrio also won many awards and was known as a promoter of a healthy lifestyle, including varied and balanced diets. He was also a big sports fan, running in the New York City Marathon. 


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