Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mid-America Industrial (H71), Pryor, Oklahoma: MAIP airport expanding

PRYOR, OK — The MidAmerica Industrial Park airport project is ready for take off.

At the regular Oklahoma Ordnance Works Authority board meeting Tuesday, trustees discussed the upcoming project.

“The project is a full three-inch asphalt overlay, 5,000 feet in length, including connecting taxiways and selected areas of the existing apron,” said Larry Williams, MAIP General Manager.

The project is expected to cost $2.3 million, according to Williams, but funding will not come until after the onset of the fiscal year beginning in October.

The Federal Aviation Administration will pay for 90 percent of the project. OOWA, as a local sponsor, pays the 10 percent balance.

The application for grant funding for the design portion of the project was approved by the trustees. The cost of the design portion was quoted at $90,300. The actual construction, Williams said, will come with another grant application. Construction is expected to begin in the Spring or Summer of 2015.

MAIP's website says the regional business airport at Tulsa reaches 95 percent of the United State's population in two and a half hours flight time.

The airport, according to the website, offers non-stop flights to16 destinations and 18 airports through American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, United and Sun Country Airlines with approximately 165 arrivals and departures per day.