Sunday, October 20, 2013

Severe turbulence: Passengers land at Dublin Airport with injuries sustained during flight

Several passengers on a United Airlines carrier that landed in Dublin Airport early this morning sustained minor injuries during the flight.

Flight UA23 from New York to Dublin “encountered severe turbulence during the flight’s descent into Dublin”, according to a spokesperson for United Airlines.

Carrying 129 customers and 8 crew on board, the Boeing 757 landed safely at Dublin Airport but was met by medical personnel on the runway.

A number of passengers reportedly sustained injuries due to a drop in altitude during the flight.

“One customer was taken to hospital to receive medical attention and has since been discharged.  Seven other customers sustained minor injuries and were released by medical services,” according to United Airlines.

A Dublin Airport Authority spokesperson has confirmed that the police and emergency services attended the landing “as a standard and precautionary measure” and that a number of passengers were treated for “minor injuries”.

United Airlines are currently carrying out an investigation into what happened during the flight.

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