Sunday, October 20, 2013

Passengers panic, turn hysterical while on Indonesian plane with NO AIR-CON

Passengers on a Lion Air flight from Manado to Jakarta became panicky and nauseous when complaints of the rising heat in the cabin went unaddressed.

According to a report on Indoboom, passengers had complained about the warmth the moment they boarded the plane on Sept 30.

One man, Raymond Pasla, said that tissues were handed out by flight attendants when passengers began to perspire, but this was only done for five minutes.

The situation became even more tense when doors closed and temperatures increased. The aircraft then suddenly moved backwards, causing more panic and hysteria.

"Some passengers in the rear even opened the emergency door," said Pasla, who claimed to have been in the plane for over an hour.

After the emergency door was opened, the pilot parked the plane and passengers immediately disembarked from the aircraft.

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