Sunday, October 20, 2013

Airport Authority looks at possible timetable to sale Hardwick Field (KHDI), Cleveland, Tennessee

February or March 2014 is beginning to take shape as the period when Hardwick Field can be sold after the old airport is closed at midnight Dec. 31.

Cleveland Municipal Airport Authority needs permission to proceed with the sale from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Airport Authority member Verrill Norwood said Friday during the October meeting of the board 12 planes are still housed at the old airport.

He said the three obstacles remaining before the airport can be sold are nearly cleared. The land survey and final appraisal report are finished. Those documents will be mailed to the state Monday.

Norwood said he cannot predict when the FAA, the Federal Register and other state and federal agencies will finish with Hardwick Field. He is hopeful of mid-January 2014.

“It may be fast tracked and it may not. I still think we’re looking at February or March for selling it and basically, no decision yet on how we’re going to do that,” he said.

Norwood also presented a report on the underground tank which will be submitted to the state by Marion Environmental Inc., of Chattanooga. Upon approval by the state, Norwood said the environmental assessment could be finished.

“There was no tank there, right?” authority member LeRoy Rymer asked.

“There was no tank,” Norwood said. “We took out two fill lines, the vent lines, the concrete pedestal and 122 feet of line between the above ground tank and the pedestal. All of the analytical work turned up no contamination. There are no problems in the tank report.”

The underground tank was reportedly filled with sand in 1989. However, the tank was removed.

Cleveland Regional Jetport Director of Operations Mark Fidler reported on T-hangar and private hangar construction. During his report, he said the structural steel is going up.

“The contractor is trying his best to get us in as soon as possible,” he said.

About 80 percent of the structural steel is up for the Voice of Evangelism hangar and it will not be long before work begins on the hangar for John Sheehan.

Fidler said PDC Consultants is compiling documents to justify the need to extend the 5,500-foot runway to 6,000 feet. The documents are mainly letters of airport users who need the additional 500 feet to safely land or takeoff.

Construction on the extension should begin in the spring.

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