Monday, October 21, 2013

Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines grounds pilot of Balesin-chartered plane

MANILA - The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) is investigating an accident involving a chartered aircraft that overshot the Balesin island runway Saturday.

Balesin island, an exclusive resort managed and owned by Alphaland, has a 1,200-meter runway strip. The aircraft involved in the accident is a BAE 146-200 owned by Magnum Air that was chartered by Balesin for its 68 guests.

According to CAAP Deputy Director General John Andrews, the aircraft landed very low on the middle part of the runway and overshot it by 200 meters.

The aircraft hit a fence, swerved almost 90 degrees, and damaged its nose.

CAAP said one passenger's nose was broken. Others on board sustained minor bruises.

Pictures at the scene also showed the aircraft submerged in water.

CAAP explained this was only due to high tide.

The aircraft has yet to be removed but CAAP said it can no longer be used again.

Its pilot has been automatically grounded while investigation is ongoing.

CAAP said it has not found any certification attached to the aircraft so far, and if there is indeed no certification in the final investigation, the airline may be grounded and its air operator's certificate may be cancelled.

CAAP is also studying the culpability of Alphaland.


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