Monday, September 03, 2012

Royal Air Force Chinook emergency landing near Winchester

A military helicopter made a dramatic emergency landing in South Wonston at the weekend.  The engines appeared to cut out and the RAF Chinook was forced to land in a field close to houses on Wrights Way. 

“The whole house was shaking and my wife thought the windows were going to explode” said Dave Francis, 48, of Wrights Way. Mr Francis said the Chinook appeared to pass about 30ft from the nearest house.   It is understood the helicopter was returning from the Bournemouth Air Festival when it ran into difficulty. 

The incident took place at 4pm on Sunday (September 2) and there were no reported injuries.   Shirley Llewellyn, of Wrights Way, said: "We were sitting in the conservatory and heard it coming and my hsband said 'he's low'. As it passed we waved at the pilots but they didn't wave back." 

Engineers have been seen working on the helicopter, which was guarded by military personnel overnight. 


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