Monday, September 03, 2012

South Australian wing of Light Jets Australia set up in Adelaide for corporate jet hire business

Light Jets owner, managing director and chief pilot Mark Peart
Photo Courtesy: Chris Mangan

CORPORATE jet travel has appeal - walk from the car to the aircraft and move off seconds later - but there's a belief it's too costly to justify.

Not necessarily so, says Mark Peart, who has started a South Australian wing of Light Jets Australia, of which he is founder, owner, managing director and chief pilot.

The Queensland-based firm already has a wing in Victoria and Mr Peart believes Adelaide now is ready for charter work for small business jets.

Light Jets will have two aircraft based at Adelaide Airport - a Cessna Citation CJ1 for up to six passengers and a CJ2, with slightly greater range and speed, for up to eight passengers.

He says this size jet, with single-pilot capability, is very efficient compared with larger corporate jets that are more expensive to run.

"There's good opportunity here," he says of Adelaide potential. "Adelaide is the central hub to the resource industry in Australia. It's got mining, it's got agriculture. We're used by resource companies; manufacturers. Companies who want to move people quickly."

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