Tuesday, March 06, 2012

SilkAir Airbus A319-100 gear fire on landing at Indonesian Airport

The landing gear of a SilkAir plane briefly caught fire during an emergency landing at Adisumarmo Airport in Solo on Tuesday morning, aviation authorities said.

None of the Airbus A319's 124 passengers were injured as the plane touched down safely.

Silk Air, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, has been ordered to report the "serious incident" to a local transportation safety agency, said Bambang Supriyadie Evan, the spokesman of the Ministry of Transportation.

“The Transportation Ministry’s directorate general of air transport has asked SilkAir to report [the incident] to the KNKT [National Committee for Transportation Safety],” Bambang said Tuesday in Jakarta.

“This is a serious incident and [it has] occurred within Indonesia’s territories. KNKT can cooperate with the Singaporean authorities in its investigation,” he added.

Bambang said air traffic controllers originally thought the SilkAir plane's tires only smoked, but further investigation confirmed that the plane's tires did catch fire. The plane landed in Solo at 8:55 a.m. on a direct flight from Singapore.

Silk Air has maintained that the plane did not catch fire.

"Initial inspections found smoke from the wheel brakes, but no evidence of fire," Silk Air said in a statement.

"While the aircraft has been cleared for operations, it will be undergoing further engineering inspections before returning to Singapore. Passengers booked on the return flight will be re-accommodated on other airlines."

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