Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Metro Family’s Para Sailing Disaster to be Shown on Travel Channel

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — A six-year-old’s birthday adventure nearly turned deadly in Mexico. Now two years later, the Haith family of Prairie Village will see their ordeal revisited on the Travel Channel show, “When Vacations Attack.”

The family was staying in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico when Eddie Haith convinced his Mom Debbie Haith to let him go para sailing. She remembers it was Eddie’s Birthday week so he wanted to go first and they wouldn’t let us go tandem but they felt it was calm enough out that Eddie would be able to handle it.

His older brother Jake filmed Eddie from below and watched in horror as a gust of wind blew Eddie towards a building. Eddie’s parents, his twin sisters and and older brother all yelled for Eddie to pull a safety rope to lower him to the ground but the boy wasn’t strong enough to overcome a gust of wind.

In a split second, home video shows Eddie crashing into the 3rd floor patio deck of a stranger’s condominium. The boy broke his leg, his nose and two ribs.

“I thought I was dreaming, seeing my son hit a building in front of my eyes and I’m not able to be there to help him,” said the boy’s dad Brian Hait. “It was the worst thing that could’ve ever happened to a parent.”

After one night at a local hospital, the Haiths decided to charter a plane to bring their son to Kansas City for surgery.

“We did not have Travel Insurance,” said mom Debbie Haith. “If I would’ve paid $10 extra per ticket, it would’ve covered the $26,000 Air Ambulance home.”

The Haiths say any family about to go on Spring Break should buy Travel Insurance. Eddie Haith has since made a full recovery but says he won’t be doing anymore extreme sports on vacation.

” I’m fine now, I’m glad I’m alive,” the boy said.

The episode of “When Vacations Attack” featuring the Haith family debuts Tuesday, March 6 at 10 p.m. on the Travel Channel.


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