Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nepal: Fishtail Air helicopter suffers tail rotor strike‚ all on board safe

BENI: A Fishtail Airlines helicopter made a crash landing in the Dholpatan Hunting Reserve in Baglung at about 1:30 pm on Saturday. The chopper S 350 B2 9N, which had flown from Pokhara to airlift tourists from the reserve area, met with the accident after its rear part hit the ground while landing. According to Chief District Officer Khyam Bahadur Thapa, there has been no casualty. “It was only some technical hitch, all passengers are safe,” he said. There were 6 passengers including its captain Ashish Sherchan in the chopper that had flown from Pokhara airport at 11:00 am in the morning. A team including technicians has headed to the site from Pokhara. Fishtail Air Chief Executive Officer Suman Pande described the incident as minor.

Fishtail Air’s helicopter, with six people on board, met with a minor accident as it suffered a tail rotor strike in remote Dhorpatan of Baglung district on Saturday.

All passengers and crew members of the AS 350 B2 (9N-AKA) helicopter are safe.

"It's a minor tail rotor strike," Suman Pandey, the CEO of Fishtail Air, said adding that it was not a big incident.

It has been learnt that the chopper that witnessed the incident today is the latest added to the Fishtail Air's fleet. The machine was bought in Italy and brought to Kathmandu via Singapore last Saturday.

The AS350 B2 helicopter is one of the most powerful machines and holds its record of safe performance up to an altitude of 20,000-ft.


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