Monday, February 20, 2012

TV3 comedian regrets 'foolish' airport stunt

A TV3 comedian allegedly involved in an airport stunt that went wrong says he regrets taking part in it.

Pulp Sport star Ben Boyce was filming an episode for a new series of Wanna-Ben last September when a skit involving someone dressed in a fake pilot's uniform at Auckland Airport turned serious.

Six men from the show - Boyce, Bryce Casey, Andrew Robinson, Daniel Watkins, Craig O'Reilly and Gregory Clarke - were arrested and charged under the Civil Aviation Act for providing false information in an attempt to gain access to a secure area.

They pleaded not guilty. The charge faces a maximum of 12 months imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.

Boyce has spoken out about the incident ahead of a defended hearing later this year, telling Woman's Weekly he wishes he'd put more thought into the segment.

"In hindsight, it was a foolish decision to go to the airport. If only we had thought it through a bit more," Boyce said.

He admitted it had affected his family - he has two daughters - and his performance on the show.

"I was making a comedy show but suddenly nothing was funny anymore," he said.

The incident, which happened during the Rugby World Cup, had nationwide coverage at the time and even prompted comment from Prime Minister John Key.

Boyce earlier told Fairfax Media he had learnt a "big lesson".

"You know, going into it, intending it to be a harmless skit, not thinking it through fully and to go to the place it's gone has just been pretty hard.

"It's been a big learning curve."

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