Monday, February 20, 2012

Alva Regional Airport (KAVK) has largest fuel month ever

At the regular monthly meeting of the Alva Airport Authority held February 13, 2012, Manager Tyson Tucker reported fuel sales for January, 2012, hit $61,000, the largest volume month in the history of the airport. He said the increased sales came because of helicopter traffic brought on by the oil exploration work, but also by increases in light jet traffic made possible by the new longer runway.

Profit totaled $38,500. Tucker said he had reduced the price of low lead 100 fuel down to $4.75 per gallon in order to be competitive with nearby airports. That fuel is used primarily for small general aviation aircraft.

Water Drainage Problems

Since the new runway project was completed, water drainage problems have surfaced. Board member Paul Kinzie said he had stopped by the airport after the recent heavy rain and took photographs of the various “lakes” that formed. The board spent several minutes discussing possible remedies and also if the original contractor could be held responsible for some of the problem.

GPS Instrument Approach

At present, the only instrument approach to the airport is for the old runway. The manager said Air Metric has been hired to do the aerial survey work needed to complete the application to the FAA for a GPS approach to the longer runway.

Repairs to the AWOS (Automated Weather Observation System) are nearly complete. Tyson Tucker said the final two pieces have been repaired and the airport should expect a bill in the amount of $2675. He said the total cost of the lightning strike will range from $8,000-$9,000.

Tucker said the PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator) light system at the airport continues to be erratic. He said, “On nice days they stay lit, but when the wind blows the whole system goes out. He mentioned that Will Rogers Airport in OKC is having similar problems with their system by the same maker. A PAPI system consists of light boxes with two lights in each box and a metal divider such so the pilot sees two red lights if the aircraft is below the appropriate flight path, two white lights if above the flight path, and a combination of both colors if on the mark.

Possible CNG Fuel Station

A guest at the meeting, Danny Lawrence, asked the board if they would consider leasing one acre of land near the State Highway Department site for the construction of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) refueling station. There are several hundred pickup trucks in the Alva area that require that type of fuel. The nearest refueling stations are in Waynoka and Cherokee. President Bob Baker said he would prefer that Lawrence approach a private land-owner because of the red-tape the FAA would require.

Tyson Tucker echoed that by saying they and the FAA would need to see drawings of the proposal station. Baker also mentioned that he owned land across the highway from the airport and he would be willing to talk about a possible lease. He also mentioned land owned by Monte Lohmann south of the airport.

Survey for Salt Water Line

Next, Tyler Larsen and Aaron Cowlan representing Chesapeake Energy appeared before the board to discuss purchasing right-of-way to place an eight-inch low pressure salt-water line on the east side of the airport that would continue to the “Hollow Log” disposal well further west.

Last month the airport board approved for a land survey to be made by Chesapeake so that a drawing could be brought to the board to show the exact location being requested.

Unfortunately, no one told Chesapeake the survey permission had been approved. As a result, Larsen and Cowlan were surprised to learn this and said the survey would begin immediately. Larsen said Chesapeake will pay $60 per rod (5.5 yards). They estimated the one-time payment to the city would be around $19,200.

They also said Chesapeake will sign a two-year abandonment contract to remove the two shut-off valves and the line if they ceased to use it. They said the pipe would be made of a poly/Fiberglas material. The system would include electronic telemetry so that in the event of any problems, the salt- water flow would automatically be shut off or diverted.

Steven Brown's Last Meeting

At the conclusion of the meeting, President Bob Baker mentioned that City Manager Steven Brown was retiring and this would be his last meeting. Baker strongly praised Brown for helping the airport to make it through the new runway project. Brown thanked Baker for his remarks saying, “We're going to see a lot of exciting changes in the next few years.”

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