Thursday, February 23, 2012

Possible plane crash into lake near Montreal

LAC DES DEUX-MONTAGNES – A military aircraft is on a search mission after reports of a low-flying plane may have crashed into a lake near Montreal.

Initial reports include rumors of the aircraft being on fire and crashing into Lac des Deux-Montagnes, approximately 45 minutes northwest of Montreal.

Global News reporter David Sedell was on scene and at 9pm ET, there was still no confirmation of a crash.

Officials say it’s possible the aircraft regained its altitude and continued on its path.

While a distress call went out to a Trenton, Ontario airspace, no aircrafts are currently reported missing from local airports.

Search parties from the Montreal and Pointe-Calumet Fire Departments ventured onto the lake and met in the middle of the ice. Nothing was found.

While a local fisherman suggests the ice is so thick it would be unlikely an aircraft could crash through into the water below, firefighters say that would depend on the angle of impact.

A military helicopter with infrared technology to assist in search efforts departed Trenton at 6:30pm, and arrived at the lake just before 9pm ET.

The type of aircraft and number of people on board is unknown.

MONTREAL - A small plane crashed into Lac des Deux Montagnes Thursday evening, near Pointe-Calumet, to the west of Montreal.

Few details are available but according to TVA Nouvelles, the plane caught fire on impact as it hit the frozen surface of the water.

Firefighters were dispatched from Pierrefonds and were attempting to reach the crash site by boat. It is not known how many people were aboard.

Not clear how many people were on board plane that went down in Lac de Deux Montagnes

Police in Deux Montagnes, near Montreal, say firefighters are on their way to the scene of a plane crash.

Police say the aircraft came down in the middle of Lac de Deux Montagnes.

It's not clear what kind of plane it was or how many people were on board.

Police say fire crews from Deux Montagnes and Île Bizard on Montreal's West Island are on their way to the scene.

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