Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trinity Helicopters pilot looking to introduce girls to aviation

Yellowknife, N.W.T. - A local female pilot has made it her goal to get more girls in the sky.

Kirsten Brazier is organizing a Women of Aviation World Wide Week event here in Yellowknife called “Skies No Limit - Girls Fly Too” and she is doing it all by herself.

Brazier said that only around five to six per cent of pilots in North America are women, something she wants to change.

“I’ve lived all over the North, bush flying on both floats and skis, and a lot of the time, in fact, I would say most of the time, I’ve been the only woman for a great distance around me,” she said. “I just find that really disappointing.”

Brazier attributes the low numbers to women not seeing it as a possible career for them and she hopes the event next month will open girls up to the idea.

She said girls ages eight to 19 will have the chance to take a free helicopter ride to show them the joys of flying.

“There’s something really incredible that happens when you put someone in an aircraft that they’ve never flown in before and it’s just the most magical thing,” she said. “It’s just like a Disney experience. You can’t even put it into words, but it usually results in a huge smile.”

She hopes to take 500 girls for a ride during the event.

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