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Cessna 150D, AP-BCS, M/S. Hybrid Aviation Ltd: Fatal accident occurred February 23, 2012 in Lahore, Pakistan

LAHORE - A trainer, two-seat aircraft of a private flying club crashed into the porch of a house located in H Block, Model Town, killing both the trainee and the trainer on Thursday. 

The aircraft, a Cessna 150, belonged to Hybrid Flying Club located near PAF Colony, Centre Point. According to aviation officials, the plane had taken off from the club at 2pm and had crashed in a house numbered 143-H in Model Town. The aircraft was a training aircraft which was being flown by two people, Anita and Waqar. Anita Quraishi, 28, was training Waqar, 23. Fortunately the plane did not crash into the house and came down nose first into the porch.

Witnesses said the same plane flew over the area every day. Abdul Karim, who lives right across the house, saw the entire episode unfold. “It was 2:15pm and this plane was flying by as usual,” he said, adding “the engine of the plane suddenly went quiet and it started spinning and came down, nose first, in the house’s garage.” “The crash was not that loud,” he said, adding “the petrol started leaking and it flowed out onto the street.” “There was no fire. 

Rescue 1122 was called immediately,” said Aslam, a gardener of the same lane said. “Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and the Model Town security chief reached the scene immediately,” the gardener said. According to experts, the Cessnas have a training route and a specific point from where the pilots report to the flying club. “The pilot, Anita, had reported their location when they were crossing over the Model Town Park, after that no message was received from them,” an official of the club asking not be named said. While answering a question, the official said the conversations between the pilot and the control tower were not recorded. According to Rescue 1122 officials, the pilots were killed at the moment of impact. “Their bodies were sawed out of the debris. 

Both of the passengers belonged to Karachi and were the member of Hybird Flying Club,” he said. The police said the crime scene had been sealed and all evidences had been collected. “We are waiting for the aviation expert team to arrive from Karachi and investigate the crash, anything said before the investigation would be immature”, said Model SP Maroof Wala.

Let’s all blame the dead

Flying company says crashes are normal, points finger at dead pilots Experts say it was strange that the aircraft ran out of fuel mid-flight, did not catch fire.

The aircraft that had crashed inside a house in Model Town on Thursday was out of fuel, an aviation industry expert asking not be named told Pakistan Today. The expert said the aircraft had taken a nosedive because its fuel tank was empty due to unknown reasons. He further stated, “It is very strange that the aircraft did not even catch fire.” Residents of 143-H, Model Town, Mubasher Hussain and Umar Hussain, also confirmed that the aircraft had not caught fire and no fuel had leaked.

Another witness, Raza, also expressed similar observations. He also mentioned that aircraft engines were off and it was moving like a spiral when it hit the ground. However, speaking to Pakistan Today, Hybrid Aviation Managing Director Mohsin Syed claimed that the aircraft was 100 percent fit for flying, but the unfortunate incident was the result of the mistake of the trainee pilot. He said the aircraft strolled and went into a nosedive, which clearly indicated that something seriously went wrong with the plane. “The aircraft was capable to glide and land safely in any emergency situation,” he maintained.

“Though it is really unfortunate that two precious lives were lost, but it is part of flying training. Similar incidents have happened many times before, even various aircraft of Pakistan Air Force have crashed during training,” he underscored. Responding to a question, Syed said it was Cessna 150 aircraft (registration AP-BCS) that was manufactured in 1969 or 1971. It was upgraded and well maintained in all respects, he added. Meanwhile, a six-member Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) team headed by Security and Safety Department Head Abdul Majid reached the scene and inspected the debris. The members left the scene immediately and did not talk to the reporters. They said the plane’s debris would be removed today (Friday).

A CAA official said it would be premature to give a reason without proper investigation and the report would be made public.Answering a question, he said all aviation companies and flying clubs in the country were strictly regulated. CAA officials conducted through inspecion of all aircraft operating in the country and issued fitness certificates in routine, he underscored. On the other hand, Special Branch of the Lahore Police sealed the office of the private flying company, Hybrid Aviation. Police sources said even though it was the job of the CAA, but for the protection of records, the police had taken this action.

They said police had sealed all office records and had parked all aircraft that belonged to the flying company in hangers in their presence. However, Hybrid Aviation MD Mohsin Syed claimed that his office had not been sealed. According to the Hybrid Aviation website, “Hybrid’s Cessna 150 (AP-BCS) has been recently refurbished by Hybrid Aviation engineers and added into the fleet.

The Cessna 150 isn’t very fast or big, but it’s not expensive to fly and it’s fun. Much of flying is about fun and the C150 gives the most value for money for any student pilot. It is a wonderful training aircraft and many students learn a lot from its flying. That is the reason why Hybrid uses it solely for training purposes at Hybrid Flying School.” The website indicates that the two-seater aircraft had single engine and was equipped with a VOR and ILS systems.

A two-seater private training plane crashed in Lahore killing the instructor and the trainee pilot on Thursday. Special Investigation Team seals the office of Hybrid Aviation and takes their record in custody.

The plane crashed in a house in Model Town Lahore after what officials declare to be technical problem with the plane. The plane crashed in the garage of house number 143, H-block, Lahore. Residents of the house remain safe whereas the two pilots in the plane died on spot.

Instructor Aneeta and the trainee Waqar, 25, were declared dead on the spot. Dead bodies of the two were sent to Jinnah Hospital for post-mortem. Rescue teams arrived within minutes of the incident reported. Special Investigation Team also arrived at the scene shortly carrying out initial investigations. They sealed Hybrid aviation office and confiscated their records to undertake investigations at large.

The private plane belonged to Sesna and took off from Walton Airport in Lahore. The flight flew safely for one hour and crashed at 1: 45pm (PST).

Remains of the plane have yet not been removed from the scene as highly trained technical aviation team is on its way from Karachi to take down evidence.

Maroof Safdar Wala, police officer at site said, “A two-seater, private plane crashed. Two people were on board. We think one was the pilot and the second the co-pilot, both of them have died”.

LAHORE: Two people were killed in an aircraft crash in the Model Town area of Lahore on Thursday.
Express News correspondent Umair Ali reported that the aircraft, which belonged to Hybrid Aviation, had flown from Walton Airport.  The aircraft crashed in the porch area of House 143-H, which is reported to be near the residence of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

Two people, a man and woman, were reported to be flying the plane and both have been killed in the crash. The dead were identified as Anita Qureshi, a flight instructor, and trainee Waqar Asif.  The area has been cordoned off by the police and a large number of rescue teams have reached the site.

A police official, while speaking to the media, said that the wreckage of the aircraft could not be removed from the site as a team from Karachi would be coming in to examine the scene. He said the site had been isolated and non-concerned people were not allowed to come near it.

A training aircraft crashed in Model Town area of Lahore on Thursday resulting in death of two persons, a woman pilot and co-pilot.
According to the sources, the plane which flew from Walton Road, crashed on to a house-143 in Block-H, killing Pilot Captain Aneeta and co-pilot Waqar on the spot. The persons of the house remained safe in the incident.  After the incident, rescue workers, police and other concerned authorities reached on the site and retrieved the bodies from wreckage of the plane. The investigations of the incident have been started.

Lahore: At least two people including a lady pilot and trainee died on Thursday when a small airplane crashed in Model Town area of Lahore, rescue sources said.
The sources said that a small airplane Cessna-152 crashed near Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s residence in Model Town shortly after it took off from Flying club Walton, Lahore. The plane crashed into the garage of a house.However the residents of the house remained safe in the incident.  The deceased include a lady pilot named Anita Qureshi and trainee pilot Waqar. Rescue workers rushed to the spot after the incident.  Sources said that the plane was on routine training mission and it belonged to company named Hybrid Aviation.  Civil Aviation sources told that the plane kept flying for 50 minutes before it crashed. They said that the control tower lost contact with the plane at 2:20 pm.

KARACHI: Two people have been killed after a training aircraft crashed in ModelTown, Lahore, the media reported on Thursday.
Pilot Anita Qureshi died on the spot while co-pilot Waqar died in the hospital. They both belonged to Karachi.  However, according to media reports, the family of the house where the plane crashed are said to be safe.  The Cessna 152 took off from Walton Airport at 1:45pm and after developing technical trouble crashed at 2:20pm in 143, Block H, ModelTown, Lahore.  Television footage showed the mangled wreck of a small white plane with Hybrid Aviation on the tail.  Rescue 1122 are carrying out efforts to remove the wreckage.

Pilot, co-pilot killed after plane crashes in Model Town neighborhood during training flight.

A private two-seater plane apparently on a training flight crashed into a house in Pakistan’s second largest city of Lahore on Thursday, killing the pilot and co-pilot, officials said.  Police said the aircraft came down in Lahore’s Model Town neighborhood but that no one on the ground was hurt. Television footage showed the mangled wreck of a small white plane marked Hybrid Aviation.  “A two-seater, private plane crashed. Two people were on board. We think one was the pilot and the second the co-pilot, both of them have died,” police official Maroof Safdar Wala said.  “It crashed on a house, but the residents are safe,” he added.  Local resident Tahir Kardar, a retired colonel, told Waqt TV that the pilot and co-pilot died. “Rescue people are here and they are trying to extricate the bodies out of the plane,” he said.

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