Saturday, January 07, 2012

No stopping pilots’ ‘flight’

The DGCA has thrown the rule book at Kingfisher Airlines and refused to act against its pilots who quit without serving the mandatory six-month notice period. In December alone, 24 pilots resigned. This is in addition to at least 60 pilots who were asked to leave in the beginning of December by the airline.

Director General Bharatbhushan said on Friday that Kingfisher complained about pilots not honouring their notice period commitment. He said, “But the terms of appointment of these pilots have been abrogated so the CAR (civil aviation requirement) on pilots’ notice period does not apply. How can I take action against pilots who have not been paid for months?”

At last count, at least 160 pilots were serving notice periods at the airline but since it has already grounded a third of its fleet odd s) its need for pilots is also going down proportionately.

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