Saturday, January 07, 2012

REDjet sets its sights on Suriname

Low cost airline REDjet has set its sights on another destination, Suriname.

According to reports coming out of that South American country, the airline is to obtain a license to add the destination to its ever growing schedule.

Suriname’s Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Lackin, outlined to ‘de Ware Tijd’, that the national airline SLM had been requested to study possibilities for flights to Barbados. The company was not interested, so when the Barbadian government submitted an official request for landing rights for REDjet, the opportunity was seized with both hands.

“My Barbadian counterpart wrote to me about this issue, and we invited REDjet to talk,” he stated.

Lackin pointed out that no airline had requested permission for regular scheduled flights between the two countries, in spite of the fact that Suriname and Barbados have had a mutual aviation agreement for years.

While the contract is currently being fully examined, it is expected that REDjet could have its license as soon as next month.

The Surinamese paper also outlined that co-founder of the airline Robbie Burns, was interested in flights to Suriname, but no official request had been submitted then.

A survey was conducted on the feasibility of entering the Surinamese market. REDjet abstained from investments, though, because there is a national carrier in Suriname. The company was focusing on 16 destinations, after several governments in the region were open to welcome a low-tariff airline.

Except for the airport tax, a one way ticket to any REDjet destination can be as low as US$ 10.


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