Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant: Selling Citation Ultra Jet, Unveils 2013 budget. (With Video)

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Governor Phil Bryant is asking all state agencies to tighten their belts and cut their budgets in the coming year. Tuesday, the governor presented his budget recommendations for the upcoming year at the state capitol. 

The governor said it's the most challenging budget he's seen since 1992. The cuts are about half of what was initially anticipated, and state revenues are looking up. 

The 2013 state budget amounts to $5.49 billion.  Bryant's plan calls for state agencies to cut their budgets by 5.53 percent. The budget cuts spending by $26 million from the previous year. 

The governor also plans to spend about $101 million on education. He's also asking for school districts to consolidate their administrative offices to save money, and become more aggressive in recruiting the best teachers to our state. 

The governor is also selling one of his state planes to boost the budget. He said about $2 million can be made in the sale of the 1996 Citation Ultra Jet. 

"We have a King Air that will get you anywhere in the state safely," Governor Bryant said. "I think it's just a good move. The other thing not only $2 million, but the upkeep, the pilot, mechanics, housing of the airplane we can save a great deal on that."

The good news is that revenues for the state are much higher than expected. Right now the January revenues are $23 million above what was projected.

Click here to read Governor Bryant's Executive Budget Recommendation for Fiscal Year 2013.

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