Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mechanical problems force plane to return to Gainesville Regional Airport (KGNV), Florida

A Delta flight with 50 passengers developed mechanical trouble 20 miles after taking off from the Gainesville Regional Airport Thursday afternoon and was forced to return to the airport.

Airport spokeswoman Laura Aguiar said no one was hurt during the incident and added that Delta sent another plane to take the passengers to the flight’s Atlanta destination.  “The pilots noticed a mechanical error and turned around. It landed safely and they deplaned,” Aguiar said. “They had a mechanic come look at the plane and decided that it did need a repair. It flew off without the passengers and Delta sent another plane for the passengers.”

Aguiar said the faulty plane circled over the airport for a while to burn fuel. She added she did not know how long it took for a replacement plane to arrive in Gainesville.  The flight was full with the 50 passengers. She said some of them were stressed over possibly missing connecting flights.

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